" taken up and tied." If tying cannot be accomplished, escharotics
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that the percutaneous electrization of the stomach and intestines pro-
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of acute catarrhal and purulent inflammation of the middle ear.
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The female urinary bladder has been, ere now, made acces-
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a patient, after having been in the epileptic state for more than
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to reprint that edition in one volume of a size uniform with the Materia Medica
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other, he adheres to a well-known rule which has been laid down by several
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preparing and weighing the kreatinin zinc chlorid precipitated from the urine.
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some of the communities in which managed care has a
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quart of fluid per hour to the person stricken with
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Virchow have generally been far too ready to assume that caseation is of
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cushions, and in renewing the dressing each side of the leg can be ex-
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preparations had a markedly prophylactic action. ^ The
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• Hon. Daines Barrington, Ohservations upon the Statutes, 1766.
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DEr.ENHAM, Er.izAiiETu Moss, Hife of Eobert Debenham, M.E.C.S., at
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belief^ according to which the signs of catarrh of the summit of the
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Acidi Car'bolici, 1 dr. ; Tr. lodi, ; Sander's The doctor had had two cases in his own
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to twelve days after its insertion ; and leav- \ Mettauer employed thread sutures, but he
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The success of treatment is intimately connected with the
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hospital trains are not available ordinary trains for patients will be
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ence ; but a study of cholera in all its grades shows that its symptoms
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ably to some, is not essential to its production, even in the fe-
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were used. A distinction had been made, and justly, between
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the last-mentioned month, and discharged about 8 oz. of matter. As the respiratory
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regulatory and enforcement agencies, practitioners and professional associations to prevent and correct prescription drug
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tions and sequelae of gastric ulcer, such as perforation, pyloric
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■49 died suddenly, and 43 of them had unmistakable disease of the heart.
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family when .-he told him the story. She was vaccinated first, as an
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being noncumulative and almost free from untoward by-effects.
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The distressing and troublesome cough alwa^'S offers a serious
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8. Oil of Sabine in Gonorrheal Ophthalmia. By Dr. Luxda. (Wiener Med.
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speak from the information of others, (Ferriar's Med. Hist.) in the latter, we
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seen in the expectoration, on the other hand, a very trifling bleeding
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Carvaial [Bernardinus]. Cardinalis S. Crucis. Oratio in die circum-
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well as to a Meteorological table kept by me during a period of sixty
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Several facts may be mentioned which have a bearing on this
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service would work. Some of these — forgetting, we
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was no intracranial projectile. On October 29 the patient was trans-
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ment of the various forms of disease that arise at the change of life, Tl:^^.
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epidemic every individual is more or less under its influence and affected
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eff'ect of the fluid upon the peritoneum when the cyst wall ruptured,
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