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dent will be followed by vitreous presenting in the wonnd.
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tion of the fauces should always be made, and might
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minuria, or haemorrhages, and with a marked leucopenia, and a pulse
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efforts. A wise plan is to take as little notice of
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dles vary in different sections, in consequence of the changes
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in the dropsical than in the atrophic forms, in the
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President: The resolution of Dr. Butler was not passed upon
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of pain is different from looking on, but, interested
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has always been observable since, if the motion was seen ; there was
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tertian fevers which were cured spontaneously, and especially when
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ciety, originated the charge referred to, justice to
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penis to the base of the other over the catheter by means of catgut sutures.
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not arrive until near seven. At this time life was nearly extinct — pul-
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what that central condition really is remains for the
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rous and various are the ways in which diseases of the liver may affect the
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of dryness caused by the passage of air between and
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tension of the part. As to the actual seat of this pain, I again confess
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acter of the second sound is less reliable, for the reason that a neighboring
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increased, that we should have besides a medical address and a sur-
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offending organism, who obtain a vaccine that may or
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an ovum had been split up into its constitutional ele-
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ation of the rectum are mistaken for cancer. Antici- , Of course other surgeons can report better success
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grows pale, livid, and even cyanotic, and the extremities cold and bluish.
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cidedly impaired vision follows, and distant thiags
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cent simply by giving the inmates fresh cow's milk.
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and styptic cotton, with a compress and bandage, left on
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from small-pox last week in the Mile-end Old Town district.
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will not be got rid of with equal quickness. The seller
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mation. It should, however, be performed while any glimmer of
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keeping up such a system. A 'card Index" system of identlflcation
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drawn (Fig. 35). In both instances the excess of systolic over
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impossible — pseudocyesis. There are obvious reasons why the opinion of
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culosis. And yet it is remarkable how, early in the disease, many persons,
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cavity the pylorus was found perfectly normal, but at the
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ing at night for weeks. At last, when the disease raged with
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bear to the sounds of the bellows, the saw, the rasp, the file, or
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