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I should endorse the practice of those who first apply the end of a

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B. Heteroplastic Transplantations from Larvae of Amhly stoma

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The Bladder is practically entirely an abdominal organ at birth ;

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give him pain. Nevertheless I must tell the truth.' He said, therefore,

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follows ; the three outdoor sports you like best ; the three indoor occu-

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privilege of having the active co-operation of Mr. T.

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treats this subject with much fulness. The ordinary practice, he

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I did not intend to write an article for the Journal, but to furnish a

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may be of service in patients who refuse the actual

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cally administered afterwards to moderate the frequency of tiie

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becoming insensitive as the muscles atrophied. As the muscles became weak

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transudations in other closed spaces of the body, as

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changes in bone are, of course, known since the days of Hunter

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The fact has been frequently commented upon that, in

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Apportionment, to have a committee of physicians of

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the position of a constitutional minister, only exceptionally in that of a mas-

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were water, carbonic acid, and ammonia, the process

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prevents hemorrhage and helps protect the wound from infection

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catarrhal condition of the nasal mucous membrane and also

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From 1882 to 1886 in the Brisbane Hospital under the expectant treatment

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and naso-pharv'ngeal cavities from all obstruction and

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the Turkish ambassador had his publique audience of his

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the articIt'H of tiic comiiciidiuin, and llic stronp; individual

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de la Societe Medicale des Eopitaux : also, the excellent article, Chloeose, by

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twentieth century practice, 146; Stewart, C, and Keid, R. W.,

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expressed a personal interest in having an emergency re-

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decomposition pent up in the abdomen. 5. Of these causes the latter is the

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serious wound of this lioue added to the other grave

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my personal observation, will serve as an illustration to the

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Decoc. Papaveris. Pil. Conii. c. Hydr. ter die. Jul. Camph. ter die.

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furlluir upward tliaii downward. OccaHionally it may

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XXII. JVosoIogie und Therapie der Chirurgischen Kranhheiten in Verbiridung mit

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Quite rare, on mossy bank in the light spray of a little waterfalL

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all, or, at least, cannot receive it until too long a time has elapsed

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Minnesota Medical School in 1937, Dr. Plotke interned

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selfishly intrenched themselves in these convenient garments, is open

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veterinary profession that the inspection of dairy stock